Ict Solutions

PRESCIENCE SERVICE SUPPORT PVT.LTD.Co. is a company engaged in ICT system Integration  and ICT goods supply in Ethiopia.

Associated with many ICT goods manufacturing firms worldwide, we focus on designing the most effective technical solutions for the user’s needs and then successfully integrate those solutions into a single center of control under the respective architectural environment.

Solar Solutions

  • An important benefit of solar lighting initiative is to take advantage of environmentally friendly technology by opting for renewable energy. PSSP makes use of the most modern solar-lighting technology available, and all of solar lights have zero emissions and no waste outputs. What is more, running costs are zero and maintenance is minimal. Solar-energy technology is also very versatile and can be scaled up and leveraged for application in other areas such as providing local power supplies.

solar Solutions

Garden Lights: It is suitable for Universities, Hospitals, large compounds,etc..

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Electrical and Electronics Solutions

  • The electronics industry has had a more dramatic effect on our lives today than at any other time in history and the pace of change in this industry is mind numbing. Today electronics gadgets have truly become our gateway to the world.
  • Consumer appetites have never been so high; constantly looking for unique new products, while always with keeping an eye on price. The pressure on electronics companies to quickly deliver innovative products at lower cost is intense. Innovation, time to market and lower cost are the keys to succeed in this industry.

Public Address Systems

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Chemical and chemical Products

  • We supply Chemicals and chemical raw materials and innovative ingredients for various industries.

chemical and chemical products

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